Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Holly


Holly is a beautiful girl, daughter, wife, mom, grand daughter and friend. I love you, Holly.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dave's Day 7 Friday June 5

Dave rode from the roadside park north of Bowie and is not too far from the Oklahoma border at the time of this post about 1pm. He is having more difficulty with his trailer and may have to ditch it or hitch a ride (if possible) to Duncan. Something broke with the attachment to his bike even though iut had be reinforced and he is having to stop very often to check it. He also broke a spoke which causes the tire to wobble. Oh, and I think there is still a little north wind. Does not sound too fun today. If he can get to Duncan today he will have Saturday to rest--because the ride starts Sunday. He can get the spoke fixed in Duncan and hopefully get someone to haul the trailer on Day 1 of the OK Freewheel ride. I will be there at the end of Day 1 and he will have his red bike (Ruby) to ride. All will be GREAT at that point because Ruby is very light and he won't have to haul ANY gear.

I will update this blog at the end of today when I hear from him

UPDATE: Dave made it to Duncan in late afternoon. A couple of his friends were already there so he will camp with them. There is a nice community center type facility next door with indoor swimming and showers to enjoy. Way to GO Dave!!! You made it.


Dave's Day 6 Thursday, June 6

Dave rode from Weatherford to PAST Bowie. Got tired and stopped at a roadside park about 6pm and decided to stay the night because of the distance to the next town with services and tired of dealing with the headwind. This would not have been my choice and I asked him if it was illegal to "camp" in a roadside park. I did not get an answer so I assume his definition of "stealth" camping may be what Holly calls "trespassing". I decided it would do me no good to worry so I prayed for him and left it in God's hands.

I kept Ella today. She now can roll over and back and roll over and over and over---so fun. Will brought me a Sonic treat in the afternoon and we played. I met Matt for dinner and a visit.

Dave's Day 5 Wednesday June 3

Dave rode from Cleburne to Weatherford today. Motels were available and the distance to the next services was further than he wanted to travel. Did some damage to his bob trailer getting it to his room on the third floor. Anticipating winds from the north tomorrow.

I kept the beautiful Ella, went to the mall to get a suit to wear to a wedding, ate dinner with Matt and Nicole and drove over and visited Mom and Dad. Good Day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dave's Day 4, Tuesday, June 2

Dave rode 55 miles today. He rode from Hubbard to Cleburne, Texas. He is staying in a motel today. Felt a little better today at the start, but it was still a tough day with the heat.

Ella news: She turned over from her back to her tummy and then army crawled a little bit back to the blanket. She is so much fun. The lights at Will's daycare went out yesterday so he played with us yesterday---he is fun too.

My lesson for the day: be patient: I had a 3:30 pm dentist appt. today, they said if I came early they could get started earlier. I got there at 3:15----the called me back at 4:30 pm and I left there after 6 pm. The good news was I really like the dentist and I got to have dinner with my parents and my sister. I really enjoyed visiting with them.

Dave's Day 3 Monday, June 1

Rode from Lake Limestone to Hubbard Texas. Very tough day with the weight of the trailer and the heat. Stayed in a motel to cool off and recover for the next day's ride. I will post pictures when I get them from Dave.